Cyma M14 DMR [CM032]


Cyma CM032 M14 DMR

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CM032D Sniper Rifle Replica

CM032 replica made from metal and polymer. The receiver and some internal parts are made from ABS. Metal parts include the bolt carrier, iron sights and external barrel. The stock has a comfortable, rubber stock pad that prevents the replica from slipping. Aside from the magazine, majority of assembly elements and the trigger guard were also made from steel. The cheek pad located on the stock was made from polymer. Its adjustment is done by sliding it and it is kept in place by steel screws. Cheek pads are especially useful if one uses aiming devices on high mounts.

The replica has a smooth, nice to the touch cradle. Iron sights consist of an open, vivid front sight and a vertically and horizontally adjustable rear sight.CM032D replica features a metal bolt, whose reloading sound can pleasantly surprise every player. Additional advantages of this replica include an operational mechanism that locks the bolt in rear position, however, in order for the bolt to remain in the back, first it needs to be pulled back, the bolt catch needs to be pressed (the paddle is located on the left side of the replica) and only then can the bolt be released. In order to release the bolt from its rear position all that is required is to pull back the bolt without pressing the bolt catch paddle.

Inside the replica is a gearbox V7 that allows to fire in semi- and full-auto modes. Thanks to a long barrel, the replica has good accuracy and range. Hop-Up adjustment is conducted using a knob located above the magazine well.

The battery is stored inside the stock of the replica. Access to the chamber is gained by removing the stock pad and spacers from the stock.

  • The set includes:
  • replica
  • magazine
  • battery
  • charger
  • cleaning rod
  • manual
  • package of test BBs





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