Prometheus Wide use metal chamber M4(G&G/Krytac) [0]


Prometheus wide use metal chamber M4(G&G/Krytac)

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Non step Variable Rotary HOP Up System high versatility with compact design. Die-casting Metal Chamber Compatible with M4 Series AEGS. It will increase accuracy and HOP Up precision with Non step Variable Rotary HOP Up System. Unique shape design Barrel Clip will prevent barrels to spin and shifts.

Compatible Models:

  • G&G ARMAMENT M4 Series AEG:
    • ARP9
    • ARP556
    • CM16 Series
    • GC16 Series
    • Fire Hawk
    • Fire Hawk HC05
    • …etc
  • KRYTAC M4 Series AEG:
    • TRIDENT Series
    • LVOA-C
    • LVOA-S
    • NOT Compatible with KRISS VECTOR & TRIDENT47 CRB(TR47)

How to Install:

  1. Insert Hop Dial Ring on the back of the Chamber and put on the O- ring.
  2. Please put on the Hop Chamber bucking on the inner barrel and insert the barrel from the front of the Chamber.
  3. Put on the Barrel Clip and insert the accuracy ring through the inner barrel.* Some M4 such as KRYTAC AGE may come with springs instead of the accuracy ring. In this case, please use the original spring instead of the accuracy ring.
  4.  Put in the Hop Tensioner onto the Metal Chamber from the Top opening.
  5. Insert the Hop Arm onto the Metal Chamber and fix it with the hop arm pin and the snap ring.


  • It is not compatible with Tokyo Marui AGE without minor alteration.
  • Hop Tensioner is not included. Please use original Hop tensioner or use LayLax HOP Tensioner, or Air Seal Chamber Bucking (Hop Tensioner included)
  • We recommend you using LayLax Prometheus EG inner Barrel and Air Seal Chamber Bucking for Maximum effect.
  • Depending on the precision of the metal frame, it may cause bullet feeding defect or multiple bullet feeding. In this case you may need to adjust; the position of the Gear box and the frame, or the magazine insert opening. Also overly tightening the bolt to fix the Stock may cause bullet feeding defect.
  • This Product is made tight fit, to prevent wobbling. Depending on the base you insert (Outer barrel etc.) it may not move smoothly. In this case, please slightly sand the conflicting part.


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